Defending You Against A Range Of Criminal Charges

People make mistakes. Individuals. Police Officers. Prosecutors. We are all susceptible to failures in judgment. The adversarial nature of our justice system is designed to allow each party to participate prior to the final outcome of a criminal proceeding. The idea is that the truth will be uncovered in this manner.

Considering this, there are multiple options for resolution. Prosecutors may offer diversion programs. Charges may be amended or dismissed. Sentences may be negotiated. Indiana law allows for expungements under specific circumstances.

Despite these various options, you still have another alternative to limit the long-term effects associated with a criminal conviction: defending against charges in court. For years, residents throughout Monroe County have sought the legal counsel provided at Schulz Law Office to protect their rights and promote favorable outcomes in criminal defense cases.

As a former deputy prosecuting attorney, I, Matt Schulz, use the insights gained in this position to design aggressive legal strategies for my clients. When you hire my services, you benefit from this informed legal perspective. Having tried cases as a prosecutor, I have a unique perspective and will advise you accordingly.

Educating You On Your Legal Options

If you have had no previous encounters with the judicial system, your unfamiliarity can increase anxiety. Drawing on my experience as a college professor, I can clearly explain complex procedures so that you understand the steps we'll be taking to confront misdemeanor or felony charges such as:

Having established my private practice in Bloomington, I know criminal charges impact individuals in numerous ways: through legal sanctions, emotional turmoil, family consequences, professional discipline and more. If you stand accused of a crime, I will strive to minimize these harmful consequences and resolve your legal matter as effectively as possible.

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